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When selecting a Houston marketing firm, you need a firm that has experience in the market and has taken clients to the top of their markets. No other Houston marketing firm has the resolve or the tools to get you to the top, like Layerbit Houston marketing firm.  The Houston business climate is as competitive as the rest of the nation's. Consider that 16- 30 % of Houston viewers change brand loyalty in one evening of television commercials. 74% of Houston consumers will buy outside their brand. 26,000 products and brands are introduced each year. Competition has increased dramatically and new marketing and advertising strategies are emerging every day. You need a Houston marketing firm that understands these new strategies.

What is the Layerbit Houston marketing firm difference?

Our goal, as a top Houston marketing firm, is: to sell more product, to more people, for more money. Sounds simple doesn't it? But the way consumers buy products and services has changed and this requires new innovative marketing strategies to sell goods and services to Houston consumers.

Your Houston Marketing Firm

That's why you need a Houston marketing firm like Layerbit Houston. We've operated in the Houston market for more than ten years and we've worked in many industries in the Houston area. We also work with our sister companies in markets outside of Houston. We stay current on all the effective marketing strategies that work around the world. Layerbit Houston marketing firm incorporates the best marketing methods to convey your message and differentiate your Houston based company from your competitors. We practice the science of Marketing and it is as calculable as any other business discipline. If your marketing firm isn't achieving the results you need, it's to make a change.

What's Layerbit Houston marketing firm approach?

Marketing & Visibilty

Your Houston marketing firm must make sure more people in Houston see the products or services you offer. Have you ever heard of Moxie? Moxie was the leading cola in the 1920's in the United States. During the Depression era, they decided on a marketing strategy of stability and concentration on existing markets. Coca Cola, however, decided on a marketing strategy of expansion and high visibilty. That marketing decision led to the eventual demise of Moxie. Don't make a marketing blunder like Moxie did. Don't share the fate of 4 out of 5 Houston businesses that fail, in their first five years. Marketing efforts, aroung the nation, are typically four times more effective during periods of economic downturn than periods of stability or growth and choosing Layerbit as your Houston marketing firm can make all the difference.

Marketing & Credibility

Houston Marketing FirmYour Houston Marketing firm is responsible for illiciting emotions and ideas when consumers see your product or service. Prospective and existing clients formulate an opinion of your Houston based business in the blink of an eye. Your Houston marketing firm must ensure that the appropriate emotion is triggered. Consumers in Houston are bombarded with attention grabbing marketing messages every minute. You better have something unique and interesting to see and say, or they're moving on to check out your competitor.

Marketing & Profitability

A Houston marketing firm is only effective if it helps your company sell more of the products or service you offer. Once you have your customers' attention, engage them in meaningful ways that add value to their lives and gain their trust and loyalty. Marketing to find new customers in Houston is far more expensive than marketing to your existing ones. We'll show you ways to keep your Houston customers engaged and in love with you.

Social Media Marketing

Everyone in Houston, has an opinion these days about social media marketing practices and how to organically position your Houston based company's website above the competition using social media marketing.

Layerbit Houston Marketing firm has looked at the social media marketing experiences of our own clients, here in Houston and the international arena, to see what common factors we did find....


How to improve your SEO

So you have a website. After some time and dedication to your marketing message, you feel proud about your website. But how do you get more clients and distributors, in Houston and outside, to visit your website periodically and engage your marketing message that you've worked so hard to create? Check out the best marketing strategies from Layerbit Houston marketing firm to improve your SEO ranking and grow your Houston based business.

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CRM Implementation

Layerbit Houston marketing firm has put together an excellent team of CRM (customer relationship management) specialists that offer you the tools you need to actively engage your existing customers and prospective customers. A professionally implemented CRM can have a tremendous impact on your sales and revenues by allowing you to understand your customers better and engage them more easily. Layerbit Houston realized early on that we were so much more than a typical Houston marketing firm, but a marketing partner that can help you increase more than exposure.

CRM Solution

Social Media Marketing

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Want to be a part of an exciting Houston Marketing firm?

Want to be a part of an exciting Houston Marketing firm? Are you in Houston? We're looking for superstars in Houston. Don't even apply unless you are an overachiever and can prove it. Come help build a Houston marketing firm empire. We don't hire backgrounds. We hire Top Producers. Young or old, if you have the stuff, we'll know.

Contact us at hr@layerbit.com. If you have an interest in the latest trends in internet marketing or you believe there is opportunity for superior web design, CRM implementation, SEO marketing, and social media marketing in Houston, then a marketing sales career with Layerbit Houston marketing firm may be right for you. Send your resume to hr@layerbit.com

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