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Layerbit Houston Marketing Agency

Layerbit Houston, a full service marketing agency, is your source for high impact marketing solutions.

Layerbit Houston, a proud member of the Layerbit Worldwide family, that has a rich, award- winning, history, is here to offer a complete array of marketing services from conception and planning to strategy implementation. With Layerbit Houston, you have a marketing partner that has world experience, market know- how, and unmatched dedication to marketing excellence. We create solutions to, not just meet, but, exceed your marketing objectives.

A Rare Combination of Innovative Ideas, Great Design and Experienced Development

Finding a world class marketing and advertising firm that can take your company to the next level is rare. There are good idea firms, good design firms and good development firms. The problem is that businesses fragment their marketing communication strategy among multiple firms, trying to get the best solution from each discipline. The problem emerges as your marketing message becomes fragmented and incongruent.

At Layerbit, we saw this problem in the Industry and realized that to create the best Marketing and Advertising firm, we had to bring these elements and disciplines under one roof. Our concept was to bring the most creative minds, best designers and world class developers under one roof.

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Layerbit Houston - Talent and Technology

We didn't stop there. Great talent has to have great tools. Layerbit Houston stays current on the latest technology. Our staff are constant learners. We invest regularly in training and technology to deliver the tools that businesses need to compete in the ever-changing marketplace. We don't just master current technology. We look to the future to prepare for what's coming. We keep our clients at the fore front of technological advances.

Planning Strategic Marketing

Effective Marketing is about consistent exposure. Your customers have a lot occupying their mind. Finances, family, world events, retirement, taxes, just for starters. So how do you compete with all of that? How do you get in your customer's mind, when they have so much in there? Layerbit Houston can help you determine how to get the exposure you need and establish your company as the most logical choice. We work with you to make sure your company is first in your customer's mind when they think of the products or services you offer.

Marketing is being revolutionized. Technology is making entertainment more convenient and interactive for Consumers and has given them much greater control. Successful companies today, have adopted a philosophy of being more "customer centric", engaging their customers in meaningful ways. This may seem like more work for companies but, the truth is that it is much more cost effective. These interactions with customers allow companies to build greater brand loyalty and make up-selling and cross-selling easier. It also has tremendous implications on the product development process. How much more effective is it to produce exactly what your customers want and to know, in advance, how many would be interested. This is how exciting Marketing has gotten.

The only problem is "YOU'RE MISSING IT"

Relax. Layerbit Houston can work with you to efficiently and effectively plan, develop, and deploy your marketing strategy. Before we get started we'll review the project goals and objectives.

Marketing Strategy Execution

Layerbit Houston coordinates all creative and technical aspects of your project. Because the project and coordination efforts all take place under one roof, we can aptly deliver on your project goals. We ensure that your marketing communication is congruent across all media, that it is produced in a timely and cost effective manner, because there is no outsourcing.

Contact Layerbit Houston all of your marketing and design needs, including:

Social Media Marketing

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Want to be a part of an exciting Houston Marketing firm?

Want to be a part of an exciting Houston Marketing firm? Are you in Houston? We're looking for superstars in Houston. Don't even apply unless you are an overachiever and can prove it. Come help build a Houston marketing firm empire. We don't hire backgrounds. We hire Top Producers. Young or old, if you have the stuff, we'll know.

Contact us at hr@layerbit.com. If you have an interest in the latest trends in internet marketing or you believe there is opportunity for superior web design, CRM implementation, SEO marketing, and social media marketing in Houston, then a marketing sales career with Layerbit Houston marketing firm may be right for you. Send your resume to hr@layerbit.com

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