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Customer Relationship Management

At Layerbit Houston, we don't believe in fancy marketing techniques without results. Our goal is for your company to sell more products or services to more people for more money.

While we know our marketing strategies and efforts generate more leads, we also realize that many organizations do not fully capitalize on the increase of leads due to lack of appropriate business systems. For this reason, we are constantly combing the business environment to find ways to help our clients reduce costs while achieving greater efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction with an overall objective of achieving greater profitability.

Layerbit Houston's technology team can implement Customer Relationship Management programs for those clients that would like to:

  • Streamline their sales and marketing processes
  • Increase their sales productivity
  • Enhance their ability to up-sell or cross-sell
  • Improve customer service, loyalty and retention
  • Close more Sales
  • Profile your target market better
  • Create, launch, automate and track multiple E-mail and Newsletter Marketing Campaigns
  • Reduce expenses
  • Increase profitability
  • Kill your competition

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is more than software implementation it is a change in business culture. The business world has become more customer centric and CRMs are a market response to the changing culture. If your company does not evolve with this new change you will become a memory of an old marketing model that no longer works. Layerbit Houston's Technology task force can make customer centric marketing much easier for your organization to adapt to.

Customer Relationship Management and the Sales Department

CRM allows you to automate and track many facets of your sales process, minimizing the time that sales agents spend on data entry, data filing, composing e-mails, and tracking client follow up. Additionally, it increases each agents knowledge of each customer's needs and available upsell and cross sell opportunities. Increasing your sales force efficiency and reponse time reduces costs and increases client satisfaction and profitability.

Customer Relationship Management and Marketing

A CRM is a great tool to identify, track and better target customers and generate additional leads for the sales force. A key component is the ability to automate, track and measure multiple campaigns from multiple channels such as e-mail, search engines, social media and direct sales campaigns. These tools allow your organization to better determine future allocation of marketing budget dollars.

Customer Relationship Management and Customer Service

Customer service is an important differentiator and many organizations still admit that they feel their support staff is ill equipped to handle client problems. A CRM can help you track how you are doing at handling your customers and where you need to improve. Existing satisfied customers are much easier and profitable to up sell to than finding new customers. Find out what you're doing wrong and fix it. Find what you are doing right and do more of that.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management and Collaboration

As mentioned before, we have entered a new "customer centric" era, where organizations must become more collaborative in nature rather than "departmentally centric", serving their department's interest. If all departments in your organization are not sharing information with one another, your customers are suffering and, ultimately, so are your profit margins. A CRM allows your Marketing department to keep your Sales force updated of new promotions. Tracking your Sales force's results allows marketing to adapt your company's offers or investigate new potential markets. Feedback from your Customer Service department can allow your Marketing team to develop new services and features for your customers. Listen to your customers and then sell them what they want, not what you think they want.

Social Customer Relationship Management (S CRM)

Social Customer Relationship Management is the latest component of CRM technology. Social Media has become an important facet of most companies' marketing communication plans. The reason Social media has become so important is that customers talk, to one another, more candidly on this media than they do in direct communication with your company. You can gain great insight about how customers really feel about you. A Social CRM allows you to track what your customers are saying and posting about you. This allows you to make adjustments or enhancements to your customer service, marketing or, perhaps, future product roll out.

Layerbit Houston's technology team's goal is to help each of our clients maximize the current technolgy available and stay abreast of future technologies that can help them compete and win in this exceedingly competitive marketplace.

Start increasing your sales efficiency and improving your customer satisfaction with a Customer Relationship Management program. Call Layerbit Houston 281.940.8333 to talk with an Account Executive today.

Social Media Marketing

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