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Good design is a union between Utility and Relevance. Utility, as it relates to marketing and Branding, is depicting that your company delivers the product or service that the customer is interested in. Relevance, is conveying the idea or feeling that your company can deliver that product or sevice better than your competition. Design is a subtle and often subconscious experience. Customers are often drawn to a product or company without really understanding why. The reasons are often locked in the subconscious mind.

Great designers know that the subconscious mind drives the decision making process more often than not. For the sake of illustration, let's say you are a bank customer looking to change banks. You see two companies, both with similar logos but subtly different. Which one would you choose?

The more stable looking one, of course. You made a split second decision to trust your money with an institution based on a three lined image. Now, obviously it's not that simple, but this is just an example to demonstrate the myriad of criteria that good design must consider.

Logo Design

Layerbit Houston's gaphic design team has years of experience in creating logos that make sense and are memorable. Our designs convey your corporate image in a compelling and impactful way.

Find out how Layerbit Houston can improve your Corporate image with a new logo design.

Graphic Design

Brochure and Flyer Design

Layerbit Houston can design your brochures and flyers to have maximum impact with limited space and time. You have only a few moments to interest a prospective customer and our design team can create brochures that will aid your sales team more effectively.

Learn more about Layerbit Houston and our Brochure Design team

Graphic Design

Web page Design

Websites have evolved into your company's virtual front door. The fact is, most people use the Internet to gain a better understanding about your company before deciding to business with you. You may be losing customers without even knowing it.

Layerbit Houston's Web Design team invites you to read more about us

Graphic Design

Flash Animation

Flash Animation is an excellent way for our design team to bring excitement to your designs and overall marketing communication. Flash can be used on your website, in your internet marketing strategy or your logo design, to name a few examples.

Read more about all the possibilities of Flash Animation and Layerbit Houston

Graphic Design

Outdoor Designs (Billboards)

Layerbit Houston analyzes and implements a graphic design strategy that will impact your audience and drive them to action. Graphic design must be more than eye-catching. it must drive people to take action. Layerbit Houston always has your customer in mind when we design marketing communications. We don't need more awards. We need your company to sell more product to more people.

Read how Layerbit Houston's Outdoor designs can help you sell more.

Graphic Design

3 D Design

Regular graphics come to life when you add a third dimension. Your corporate image will come off the pages with our 3 D design. This can be a great and cost effective way to differentiate your corporate image from that of your competitors.

Learn what Layerbit Houston can do for your image.

Graphic Design

3 D Animation

Please spare your audience members from having to watch another Power point presentation. They will thank you. Instead, present a dynamic, visually stimulating presentation created with 3 D Animation in Layerbit Houston's 3 D studio.

Find out what Layerbit Houston can create for you.



Graphic Design



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