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Marketing with 3D Graphic Design

Layerbit Houston's 3D Graphic Design and Branding

If you are looking to start a new company or redesign your existing logo, 3D graphic design can take your corporate image to another dimension. Your corporate logo is the first impression your prospective customers form about your company. A 3D logo can leave a distinctive and memorable impression on your customer's and future customer's minds.

Layerbit Houston's 3D Graphic design team specializes in taking dull, two dimensional logos and bringing them to life with a third dimension. We can even take your logo design to the next level with animation.

3D Graphic Design

Layerbit Houston - Your 3D Graphic Design team gives life to your Image

We live in a visual world. Layerbit Houston can take your two dimensional rendition from the drawing table and bring it to life with 3D graphic design. Investors are more apt to understand your concept if you have 3D graphic representations. Businesses are more easily convinced that your product will serve their needs if they can see exactly how it will serve them. Don't risk losing an investor or new client because they couldn't see your vision or understand your product.

3D Graphic Design

3D Graphic Design for Architecture

Let us bring your building, home, commercial structure or planned community to life with 3D graphic design. Supply Layerbit Houston with the CAD drawings and your ideas and we will bring it to life with virtual paint, texture, and landscaping.

3D Graphic Design and Interior Design

Once Layerbit Houston is done with the design of the exterior, let us help you create the same visual impact for the interior. Our graphic design team needs only the blueprints, desired colors and textures you want. With those elements they can create your entire vision which can be modified as it gets closer to completion.

3D Animation Services

3D Logo Animation

Add a little drama to your website by animating your 3D logo. Studies have shown that our eyes are drawn to motion against a still background. The more interesting your website, the longer visitors stay on your website and the more chances you have of capturing their attention.

3D Graphic Design

Special Effects

Layerbit Houston's 3D Animation team has a level of experience and talent that is unmatched in the market. Our team can take live video footage and integrate it with 3D special effects and create a virtual experience that even large corporations will envy.

3D Tours of Homes, Buildings, and Commercial complexes

3D graphic design gave your project life, now turn your presentation in to an entertaining experience. Americans crave entertainment. In 2010, YouTube reached the 2 billion views a day milestone. A 3D tour of your project, set to music and narration, allows viewers to have an unforgettable life- like experience.

Industrial Applications for 3D Animation


A 3D animation of a product can allow viewers to see it from all angles and better understand it's function and relevance.

3D modeling

3D Animation has applications for Biomedical devices, Surgical devices, and biochemical molecular renditions.

Industrial Modeling

Rather than ship heavy equipment to a prospective client or have them come out to your facility, how about a 3D animation that can provide the visual presentation needed to understand the application of your heavy industrial equipment.

Whatever the project, 3D graphic design and animation can give that product or project life and help viewers gain a better understanding of how they stand to benefit from it's use or involvement.

Layerbit Houston's 3D graphic design and animation team is all you need to take your company and image to the next level.

Learn more about all of our 3 D Design services by calling 281.940.8333 or completing the contact form.

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