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Layerbit Houston and Brochure Design

Print and Digital

Brochures can be a wonderful marketing tool to effectively communicate your company's benefits in a concise manner. A brochure can be an excellent way to generate interest in new markets, assist your sales force in closing more business and solidify your branding efforts.

Brochure Design Process

The first step in effective brochure design is to determine who your target audience is, identify their greatest concerns and how your company can help them in a significant and unique way. If you have trouble with this first step Layerbit Houston's creative team can be instrumental in helping you with market data and establishing your target market's key concerns.

Brochure Design

Brochure re-design

If you have existing brochures, we can work to enhance them and maintain and enhance your brand image. If you have nothing or very little, we can create the entire portfolio from scratch.

Photo Team

Layerbit Houston's team can digitize and enhance existing photos or we can shoot new photos on location. If your products require models we can even take care of that for you.


Layerbit Houston's award winning graphic design team has worked with many companies, in many industries, and they know how to make your brochure design reflect your company's professionalism and highlight each beauty.

No project is insignificant

Some larger Advertising agencies would scoff at a brochure project, but at Layerbit Houston, every project that impacts one of our clients is important. We realize that, while seemingly small, a brochure project is an extension of your corporate image. Any impact on your image is a reflection of ours. Our graphic design team is committed to producing the best work, as efficiently as possible, to ensure a favorable return on your investment.

Brochure Design

E- brochures for an E - commerce world

As we become more conscientious about our conservation efforts, the more widely used digital brochures become. Not only are they better for the environment, they are also better for your bottom line. Consider that once you have had an e- brochure designed, you don't need to pay for print production. If their is a mistake or a typo, you don't have to pay to have another order printed. A digital brochure design has other advantages that print simply cannot match.

Search Engine Optimization

A print brochure is less likely to draw attention from anyone other than the intended party. A digital brochure however, can be optimized for major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or MSN. This way, someone doing a search on your product is more likely to find your brochure and be lead back to your website.

Pay per Click Advertising (PPC)

Layerbit Houston can even help you run a pay per click campaign, using your brochure to test new products, new services or new markets. How great would it be to test a new product before dumping millions of dollars in to it's development or test a new market before setting up distributors.

The Internet has completely changed the way we do business. It can be a real game changer for any company that harnesses it's awesome power. Layerbit Houston can be your partner in individual projects or entire campaigns. The Layerbit Houston team has both the talent and the experience to help you achieve any marketing goal, no matter how large or small.

Have your brochures designed by an agency that does excellent work, in both print or digital media. Call Layerbit Houston at 281.940.8333 or complete the form to the left to talk about your brochure design needs.


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