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Interactive DVD has been on the market for years, but few companies ever utilize it's full potential. Most companies only scratch the surface by putting a linear unimaginatve presentation together. Instead of a simple presentation, you can give your customers a virtual experience and allow them to customize the experience with an interactive DVD.

Interactive DVD

The Video production and 3 D Animation teams of Layerbit Houston can set you apart from the competition.

Features like motion menus and remote navigation allow a presentation to be viewed from any phase of the presentation or from multiple angles. For example, an interactive DVD allows you to choose a view atop a high rise building or any floor you choose. You can view apartment interiors, individual rooms or an exterior aerial view of the perimeter.

An interactive DVD can also have autoplay features that sense if a DVD has been left unattended and then play the most appropriate presentation by itself until the viewer returns and re-engages.

Layerbit Houston's interactive DVD can be formatted for wide-screen viewing, so viewers can watch on a plasma or LCD screen without black edges or distorted pictures.

Interactive DVD

Layerbit Houston Corporate Video Production Services

Layerbit Houston is your one stop source for interactive DVD, corporate video production, audio, streaming video and editing services for corporate communications, events, interviews, training, advertising and marketing. Our services include concept development, scripts, storyboards, video, audio, graphic design, editing and translation.

Layerbit Houston's video production team can create attention grabbing video presentations for your next corporate event, share holders meeting, sales meeting, or product announcement.

Our video production team can create corporate communications such as training videos, service information or Human Resources information.

Professional corporate interviews with employees, industry experts, executives, or customer testimonials.

Layerbit Houston's Video production team is also very experienced at producing commercials, informercials and even pilots.

Once the video production team has created your communication, it's just as important to decide on the appropriate format for delivery. Whether it be streaming video on the internet, interactive DVD, or CD-ROM, Layerbit Houston can take care of your multi-media needs and help you determine the best method of delivery.


Call Layerbit Houston at 281.940.8333 or fill out the contact form to receive more information about Interactive DVD and our full compliment of Video Production services.



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