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Design is described by, noted Marketing expert, John Heskett, as “the human nature to shape and make our environment in ways without precedent in nature to serve our needs and to give meaning to our lives.”

Layerbit Houston's graphic design team applies this principal when designing corporate logos. Your logo will be at the core of all your corporate branding efforts.

Logo Design

A principal objective in corporate logo design is to differentiate your company from your competitors. If you want mind share you have to be distinct. Distinction is not enough, however. You must also be relevant. It doesn't help to be uniquely unprofessional looking. Corporate logo design only has impact if it is tastefully and professionally designed. Layerbit Houston's graphic design team has won awards for design from around the world and the corporate logo design division will ensure that your corporate logo design effectively and professionally represents your company.

Award winning Logo Design and your Bottom Line

How does award winning logo design add money to your bottom line?

A professionally designed logo acts like a trigger of emotions and perceptions for your clients and prospective clients.

Think about some of the brands in your daily life. If you were driving around town and you saw a big swoosh, what would you think? You might say something to yourself, like, "Just do it" or you might think of a woman running on a back country road. You might think of Michael Jordan. The point is, that seemingly simplistic image triggered a number of mental images and thoughts for you, most of them conveying an experience you could have. Now you might not rush to the nearest store and buy some Nike shoes but they have mindshare with you. You think about them more often and when you are ready to buy shoes, chances are good that Nike will enter your mind first. The greater mind share you have the more likely you are to sell more products or services.

Logo Design

Obviously, this is just one part of an overall marketing plan and corporate image strategy. Nike has done a great job marketing and branding, but corporate logo design is at the heart of every corporate message. Don't leave your corporate logo design to chance.

Use the award winning team from Layerbit Houston to ensure the most effective and mind catching centerpiece in your corporate branding strategy.

Logo Design

Revitalize your Corporate Image with a new Logo Design

I have read that humans tastes change every seven years or so. I know for a fact, that I love foods today that I hated as a kid and other things that I would eat then that I wouldn't touch today.

Your customers are the same. Their tastes change. Their ideas change. The only constant in this world is ..., you guessed it, Change. And so must you if you want to remain relevant in your market. You're not alone. Did you know that since Mercedes Benz' inception their logo design has changed over 90 times.

A new logo design can help reinterest existing clients or it can open new markets that didn't consider you in the past. A fresh logo design can do wonders for your corporate image and brand identity. A new logo design demonstrates that you are an innovator and are committed to constant improvement. It reveals that you care about details.

Logo Design

Layerbit Houston can help your firm redesign your logo design or enhance your existing one.

Complete the Contact form to the left and a Layerbit Houston Account Executive will be in touch with you shortly to talk about your logo design needs.


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