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Today, Americans are spending more time driving in our cars than ever before. Greater numbers for longer periods of time makes outdoor advertising a significant asset to any marketing campaign. Outdoor continues to be a strong medium because, unlike other media that can be switched off or tuned out, it is always ON.

Outdoor advertising is a wonderful way to fill the gaps in a multi media campaign.

Outdoor advertising allows you to gain mindshare through muliple impressions and habitual exposure.

Outdoor advertising ties all media efforts together - having an exponential impact.

Outdoor Marketing

Marketing is about guiding customers to let you help them, not interrupting them to force them to buy something from you. It's about reaching out to those who need your products or services and helping them make the logical best decision.

An Outdoor advertising campaign helps expose your company product or service in a non threatening way.

Distinctive Outdoor Advertising Campaigns from Layerbit Houston

Because Layerbit Houston is not tied to any one Outdoor medium, our Outdoor team can create the most diverse, yet targeted, campaign to serve your company.

We analyze your objectives and your target market and then design an outdoor campaign that can have the greatest number of impressions on your target market.

Airport Billboards

Airport billboards can be an effective outdoor marketing strategy to target business travelers who spend a lot of time in airports and can be impacted by multiple impressions. Layerbit Houston can make sure your message flies with your target market.

Outdoor Billboards

Outdoor billboard strategies allow companies to target high traffic areas with messages to increase brand awareness. Layerbit Houston has the experience and talent to insure your outdoor campaign is driven home.

Transportation Billboards

Another outdoor strategy is the transportation billboard. Billboards on the sides of public transportaion vehicles, such as buses or trains, can expose your company to the mobile consumers that need your company's products or services. Layerbit Houston can create a moving outdoor campaign for your company.

Outdoor Marketing

Digital Outdoor Billboards

Digital Media has made it's way in to the outdoor market. Digital signage allows multiple advertisers to share a single billboard, allowing advertisers to traffic certain segments of the market based on time of day. The digital media team at Layerbit Houston can create the image that takes your company in to the future.

Poster Campaign

Poster outdoor campaigns are effective for geographically, targeted campaigns such as political campaigns or special event marketing. Layerbit Houston's graphic design team can create impactful posters to target your market in a specific geographic area. Let Layerbit Houston help you get the local exposure you need to promote your event, your campaign or your company.

Event Billboards

Often times, the greatest outdoor exposure to your target market are at event billboards such as professional sports events. Layerbit Houston can help your company to be a hit with your market.

Regardless of your company's needs, Layerbit Houston can help you get your message to your target market in the most effective manner possible.

Expose your business in powerful ways with Layerbit Houston. Call 281.940.8333  or complete the contact form and we'll be in touch shortly.


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