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Branding consists of all those visual, audial and experiential cues that allow customers to efficiently distinguish your company or product from competitors and decide if those cues coincide with their value systems in order to facilitate a purchase decision.

They see you. They like you. They buy you.


Last we checked, water flows from the faucet, virtually free, maybe a few cents a gallon. How, then, does bottled water sell in stores from $1.50 to $2.29 for a 20oz. bottle. Yes, it's convenient and it smells better, but, why not just get cheap bottled water? The answer is that the bottled water industry has successfully branded their product as a healthy alternative to tap water and they sell that water for hundreds of times the price of tap water.

Marketing and Brand Strategy Consultants

That is the power of good marketing and branding.

You don't have the budget of a multi-national corporation. You can't afford a Madison Avenue firm. That's okay.

Layerbit Houston is the Marketing and Branding company for the mid and small sized companies that want the talent and experience of a top tier agency without the top tier price.

The Layerbit Houston Markeing Difference

Layerbit Houston is different from most marketing and branding companies because we control the development, production and implemenatation of your Brand strategy and marketing communication strategy. This allows your marketing message to remain congruent, timely, and cost effectively produced, which translates to distinctive advantage in the marketplace and greater profit for your company. Today, business success is about responsiveness to change. You need a marketing partner than can stay on top of that change and help you adapt your strategy accordingly.


The problem with many creative branding companies is, that, while they have great ideas about branding, they lack the talent or the experience to produce quality marketing communications across all media. They outsource one or multiple phases of the marketing communication production to other companies that specialize in those areas. The biggest problem with this strategy is a lack of congruence. Your strategic marketing partner works with you to formulate your brand strategy and marketing communication strategy. There is a greater likelihood that your message will get lost in translation if design and production are being outsourced. The result can be a series of disjointed, incongruent communiques with little impact on your target market. A 360 degree marketing campaign is congruent and carefully guides your customers to make the right decisions in brand loyalty and product adoption.


Timeliness and responsiveness can also be an issue with frims that do not control prodution. With companies that outsource their production work there is a lag time in responsiveness. If the creative team has to set up another meeting to convey the message to the production team, there are delays in production time. Additionally, if you realize the market is not responding favorably to a particular campaign, your ability to shift directions is hampered by this slow responsiveness. In business, only the quick- to- adapt, survive.

Cost Effective

If a company is outsourcing their production work, they are either having to up-charge you, their client, or find a more affordable, less skilled production company. Which would you prefer? Neither, right.

In short, working with a marketing and brand strategy company that does not have it's own in-house production team, will cost you more money, time and ultimately, market share.


As the world becomes more commoditized, the value of products and services is found in good design and customer perception. Your company adds value to your products or services by enhacing their use and we add value to your company through physical, experiential, and emotional appeal.

By working with Layerbit Houston, your company will deliver more products or services to more people for more money.

Find out how Layerbit Houston can make a difference in your business by calling 281.940.8333 or by filling out the contact form to the left.


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