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Corporate Identity

Let Layerbit Houston create or enhance your Corporate Identity

In Malcolm Gladwell's book,Blink, he writes about a concept called "thin slicing". He explains that human beings conduct snap judgements in a matter of seconds. They often make decisions based on little more than a feeling that the Identity or object illicits. At Layerbit Houston, we know these judgements are not random or unpredictable. Proper design can illicit the exact emotions one desires viewers to experience. Layerbit Houston's corporate Identity production team knows that images and even colors impact viewers in various ways. It is critical that your corporate Identity, starting with your logo, be designed in a manner that appeals to your target market. Do you need to appeal to customers' sense of trust and loyalty or perhaps their sense of adventure or even their need for serenity. This is the importance of of well designed corporate Identity. It conveys the ideas and feelings that words cannot.

In addition, your corporate Identity must be consistent across all media. Nothing's worse than presenting one corporate Identity through offline media and a different corporate Identity through your online marketing. This disjointed approach can cause confusion and frustration with your prospective and existing clients.

Corporate Identity

Online Marketing

The Internet has changed the way consumers engage the marketplace forever. How is your online Corporate Identity? If it has been more than two years since a redesign, chances are not good. The pace of change is blurring online. In order to maintain a powerful and modern corporate Identity you need to stay on top of the changes. At Layerbit Houston, we stay current, so you don't have to.

Online Relevance

A well designed website is no longer enough in Houston's competitive market. Your corporate Identity needs to be synonymous with industry relevance and industry leader. Few ever remember second best. Layerbit Houston's online team makes sure that your corporate Identity is not only recognizable, but seen often and found easily among your target market.

Audiovisual Corporate Communication

We live in a visual world and consumers are captivated with videos. In 2009, YouTube reached 1 billion views a day. A day. A professionally produced video can do wonders for your corporate Identity. Layerbit Houston's video production team is capable of producing videos that give more information about your corporate Identity than a still image ever could.

3 D Animation

Our eyes are naturally drawn to moving objects against a still backdrop. This is the power of animating your corporate Identity. Layerbit Houston's Animation team brings your corporate Identity to life and impresses your corporate Identity upon the viewers mind.

Collateral Corporate materials

Consistency is crucial for your corporate Identity. Your brochures, flyers, catalogs, corporate communications and business cards need to display your corporate Identity consistently.

Logo Design

A logo is the basis for every corporate Identity. It is what sticks in the consumers mind. Just about everyone recognizes the Mercedes- Benz logo. As soon as you see it you have certain emotions, negative or positive, depending on your past experience. That logo has been revised over 90 times since Mercedes - Benz's' inception. When was the last time you reviewed your corporate Identity and logo design? Layerbit Houston's graphic design can design the appropriate logo to take your corporate Identity to the next level.

Corporate Identity


Layerbit Houston has a great deal of experience in helping companies enhance their corporate Identity and ultimately their branding, whether it be locally, nationally or internationally. At Layerbit Houston, we implement a multi media strategy to insure your corporate Identity is consistent across all media and, ultimately, creates the brand Identity that will propel your company and it's corporate Identity in to the minds of many more customers than you currently have.

Let Layerbit Houston enhance your Corporate Identity and help you achieve a new level of brand excellence. Submit a request form and a an Account Executive will be in touch with you shortly.

Social Media Marketing

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