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I am sure you've heard the saying "Don't put the cart before the horse". In business, the cart is your business operations. The horse is your marketing and sales. Without marketing and sales, your business is going nowhere.

A marketing plan can save your business costly mistakes and time. Layerbit Houston can help you navigate your way through the marketplace. We can help you make sense of your market's needs and work with you to craft and deliver the appropriate message through the appropriate channels to insure the greatest results.

Marketing Studies

Sometimes you need to start sharpening your axe before you start chopping down trees. A marketing study can tell you a great deal about your existing clients and how to attract more of them. A marketing study includes:

  • benefits that existing clients enjoy most and those that are missing
  • psychographic study of existing client base
  • opportunities for new products or services
  • possible obstacles or future market trends
  • demographic trends
  • national and local political climate, possible trends and contingencies

Marketing Plan

Marketing analysis of competitors

In addition to marketing studies, Layerbit Houston can help you with focus groups, collecting statistical data or relevant interviews from industry experts. Once all the market data is compiled, Layerbit Houston can help you determine the best benefits to highlight in your message, the strengths that your target market will respond best to, and the distinct advantages that will differentiate your marketing from that of your competitors.

Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan and Branding

The foundation for a solid Marketing strategy is a well crafted marketing plan. A good marketing plan is a clear road map to lead your organization to sustainable and ever increasing growth and market share acquisition.

When constructing a well written marketing plan we must first establish geographical size of the target market. Is your company looking to be the market leader in a community, city, state, region or are you moving towards global domination.

Next, it is important to identify your target market and consider their demographics. Factors such as age, sex, socio-economic status and so on. One common error that many companies make is that they try to satisfy too many market segments. The truth is, the tighter your marketing niche, the more successful your marketing message will be.

Then you must consider your target market's psychographic. What do they like? How do they think? What excites them? These are questions a well structured marketing plan will answer. These factors are also considered when creating your Brand identity. What image will illicit the feelings and thoughts that move customers towards your products or services over your competitors. Layerbit Houston will help you lay out a well structured and easy to follow marketing plan that will grow your business and move you towards being the market leader in your market, whether it be local, regional, national or international.

Marketing Strategy Implementation

What sets Layerbit Houston apart from other marketing companies is our ability to implement the strategies that are laid out in a marketing plan. A plan is a map to reach your target but execution of the plan is equally critical. Layerbit USA can execute all facets of a marketing plan.

Product Rendering and Promotion testing

We can create renderings of products to test market acceptance. We can measure pricing and promotion limits to see which will have the greatest impact on your target market without affecting your brand image.

Graphic Design

Layerbit Houston has some of the nation's top designers, as evidenced by our many international awards for graphic design, but more importantly, their designs work to attract more and higher quality customers to your company.

TV commercial and Video Production

Layerbit Houston's video production team has network experience and knows how to produce top quality commercials that will get you the recognition and exposure you want. Layerbit Houston's media buy team can, not only negotiate the best price for you, but can implement a successful media buy strategy to insure the greatest return of every dollar invested.

Contact Layerbit Houston for help with your marketing and branding studies or to work with you to create a complete Marketing strategy. Call 281.940.8333 or complete the contact from to the left.

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