Pharmaceutical Marketing

There is no doubt that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, which made a number of significant changes to the PPACA will have a significant impact on the pharmaceutical industry. Larger pharmaceutical companies are already facing challenges such as patent cliffs, shifts away from the Blockbuster model and regulatory cost increases. These are interesting times indeed.

Pharmaceutical Marketing changes

In order to thrive in this changing climate, pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical marketing will have to adapt as well. Pharmaceutical companies will have to find ways to reduce costs while maintaining their presence and brand image. They will, likely, rely less on direct contact with their physician network and become more proficient in their virtual marketing efforts. Time is of the essence.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Partner

Interesting times make for interesting opportunities. During such times, you need a pharmaceutical marketing partner that has experience effectively positioning medical and pharmaceutical firms in the top of their industry. Layerbit Houston can be your pharmaceutical marketing partner and take you to the top of your market.

At Layerbit Houston we believe that pharmeceutical marketing is not just important for the success and profitability of pharmaceutical companies. Pharmeceutical marketing is critical for patient's well being. There continues to be a gap between the time new treatments are available and the time they are administered to the public.

Pharmaceutical Marketing Helps Raise Awareness About Treatments for Chronic Diseases, the Leading Driver of Health Care Spending.

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, depression, hyptertension and asthma are increasingly prevalent. Many patients with these conditions are not treated at all or are not treated according to recommended guidelines. Analysis of Center for Disease Control an Prevention (CDC) data from 2003- 2004 shows that approximately 29 million Americans with hypertension, 9 million with diabetes, and 50 million with hyperlipidemia are undiagnosed or diagnosed but untreated.

“...achieving effective blood pressure control would be approximately equivalent to eliminating all deaths from accidents, or from influenza and pneumonia combined,” – David Cutler, Health Affairs

More can be done with more Effective Pharmaceutical Marketing

While this gap has lessened over the last 5 years, further improvement can be achieved. The upcoming changes will likely force pharmaceutical companies to operate more efficiently and effectively. It could be argued that this gap exists, in part, due to the industry's lagging experience with marketing through new media. Pharmaceutical marketing companies continue to rely heavily on traditional advertising media and through direct contact selling through their physicians network. These methods can be costly and, often times, ineffective if not closely monitored. Pharmaceutical marketing budgets for internet marketing have lagged behind other industries in terms of percentage of overall marketing budgets.

Layerbit Houston can help you make your next pharmaceutical marketing campaign consistent, congruent and more effective. Layerbit Houston's pharmaceutical marketing is about getting more of your product in to the hands of the people that need it most.

Don't leave your brand image and your marketing to chance. We invite you to visit our site as often as you like and when you have questions or would like to talk about your pharmaceutical marketing needs, call Layerbit Houston at 281.940.8333

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