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Layerbit Houston and Political Marketing since the "Hope" and "Change" Campaign

Whether you agree with Barack Obama's politics or not, the one thing we can agree on is that his presidential election team of 2008 ran a masterful political marketing campaign. They identified key factors to differentiate Obama from McCain and they hit their message hard and often. There campaign focused on change and hope. Two emotions that resonated with the American populace at the time. Unfortunately, for McCain, his poltical marketing team was unable to disassociate him from an administration that had lost popularity in the mainstream.

Marketing Político

The unfortunate reality is that political campaigns are often won by the candidate who has the best political marketing team.

Layerbit Houston has put together a masterful group of political marketing specialists with experience in local Houston political marketing campaigns, as well as national campaigns.

The first step for our political marketing team is to investigate the demographic and psychographic of the population being served, discovering what the principal concerns are.

Political Marketing

Next, they analyze the competitions' message and how Layerbit Houston's candidate can differentiate him or her self. A political marketing campaign is run much the same way a business to consumer campaign is run. It is important for the message to be consistent and congruent across all media. Emphasis is placed on public relations strategy and Layerbit Houston utilizes it's media relation specialists to orchestrate opportunities for the candidate to build his image.

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