Public Relations (PR)

Layerbit Houston understands that being a market leader is about influence and our Public Relations team works hard to turn your public relations, public affairs and investor relations into profit making opportunities. In addition, we incorporate these activities in to your overall marketing plan to insure congruency and consistency.

First, our public relations specialists evaluate your target market's perceptions and identify key motivators. Then they develop new or enhance existing messages.

Public Relations (PR)

Once the Layerbit Houston team has crafted the appropriate public relations message, we identify the key influencing media outlets that reach your target audience. We set out to aggressively manage the public's perception by proactively seeking them out, through their trusted information providing media.

These proactive public relations activities allow Layerbit Houston to better influence your customers' loyalty and create strong bonds with your target audience. Our public relations specialists are also careful to choose only the media that appropriately reflect and maintain your corporate image.

Public Relations & Crisis Management

Layerbit Houston's public relations team is also experienced in crisis management, which can mean the difference between an effective communication that maintains your organization's good name or a reputation changing event that could greatly tarnish your image with your audience. Businesses that don't have a plan in place often take too long to respond to the incident. The public then perceives the silence as an admission of guilt. Let Layerbit Houston prepare a contingency plan as part of your public relations strategy.


Public Relations (PR)


To receive more information about our Public Relations services, please call Layerbit Houston at 281.940.8333 or send the contact form.

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