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Video Production and 3D

One of the most effective ways to engage your customers is through video. Video engages more of the viewer's brain and gives them greater cues about the people or company they are considering doing business with. "Are they professional?"," Do I trust them?" "Can they help me?" Today, consumers are looking for ways to be more efficient and video allows them to take in lots of information, quickly. It allows you to tell your company story much more effectively and elevates your image in the mind of your customer or prospective customer.

Digital Video Production with Layerbit Houston

Video Production

Layerbit Houston is the right marketing and production company for you when you need creative and effective videos.

  • Video production for corporate marketing communications
  • Video production that conveys your market proposition
  • Video production for streaming video for Internet Marketing
  • Post production services (Editing, Animation, Transition)
  • Video production for Corporate Events
  • Video interviews
  • Corporate training videos
  • Video production for Public Relations

Television commercial production

Our full array of video production services include everything you need from concept creation, production planning, production, post-production to distribution.

3D Design and 3D Animation

Conveying new ideas can be difficult sometimes. Explaining a product idea or concept without visual aids can leave out many details and leave much to the audience's imagination. A 3D design, however, can allow viewers to fully understand the idea or concept. They are able to view the object from multiple angles and lose nothing in their own mind's translation. You have done all the imagining for them. Layerbit Houston's 3D design team can turn your idea into a 3D reality.

Video Production-

If your project concept has moving parts or multiple areas to view, then 3D animation can create the video presentation to meet your needs. With 3D animation we can simulate mechanistic functions externally, as well as, internally. We can demonstrate internal causal relationships that can't be seen in a live demonstration. What happens when I pull this lever? or we can show spacial relationships for develpment projects. How far is the pool from the lobby?

Whatever is in your mind, Layerbit Houston's 3D Animation team can convert into a 3D virtual world.

Welcome to our World. Call Layerbit Houston at 281.940.8333 or fill out the contact form to the left and a representative will be with you shortly.


Social Media Marketing

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