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Video Production, Houston

Effective marketing communication is about conveying your company's unique message in a compelling and irresistible manner. Everyone loves a good story and your customers want to know your's. What is special about your company and why should they care? The most engaging and memorable way to tell your story is through video. Layerbit Houston's video production team has the talent and experience to transform your company message into a compelling, entertaining and irresistable story.

Video Production

Whether you need video production services for Corporate communications, training videos, or television commercials, Layerbit Houston's video production team can handle your project from concept development to post production to delivery.

Corporate Video Production

Our corporate communication video production services include:

  • messages to employees - such as training, HR information, public relations, safety announcements, employee relations and marketing actions.
  • Corporate Events - shareholder meetings, product announcements, marketing presentations and press conferences.
  • Corporate interviews - of industry experts, employees or executives with a clear marketing message.
  • Product training - training via video for safe and effective use of your products
  • Marketing Videos - videos for commercials, infomercials or documercials for television, the Internet, or mobile Web.
  • Layerbit Houston's Video Production Process
  • Video Production - Pre production Phase

The first step our video production team takes is to fully understand the purpose of the video you want to produce, who it is for and how it fits in your overall marketing communication strategy. Once we understand this, a producer can effectively craft an appropriate communication for the intended audience and storyboard it, if necessary. This way we have a visual representation of the producer's vision and we can ensure it is in line with your overall corporate vision and image.

Our script writing team crafts the appropriate message for your intended audience.

Our talent team finds the appropriate talent to represent your company and appeal to your target audience.

The Production team also decides on the appropriate location for the shoot and procures the necessary permits.

Video Production

Video Production - Production Phase

In the video production phase, Layerbit Houston's in- house Video production team handles all facets of the production, including:

  • Staging
  • Lighting
  • Voice Over
  • Teleprompter
  • On location review
  • Video Production - Post Production Phase

The post Production phase is where the entire project comes together. Layerbit houston's state of the art equipment and unmatched post production team masterfully integrates video footage, text, sound, music, animation, morphing and Hollywood style special effects to create a polished, professional and effective video that will generate the results you want.

Video Production - Distribution and Delivery

Distribution is a major consideration for any video project. Knowing what medium your viewers will be using to watch the video allows our team to know the limitations and strengths of the medium and highlight those strengths. For example, a video for DVD may have a great deal of interactive capabilities that might not be as practical or useful for a streaming video on the mobile Web, where speed may be a greater concern.

Whatever the project, Layerbit Houston's video production team can help you determine the best media to reach your intended audience and create the ideal audio visual message that resonates with them and compels them to act.

To receive more information about our full array of Audiovisual services, Corporate Video and Digital Video production, fill out the contact form to the left or call Layerbit Houston at 281.940.8333.


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