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Website Design and Search Engine Optimization in Houston

The Internet has completely changed the way businesses engage consumers and each other, for that matter. It has changed the way individuals and businesses shop, conduct research and make decisions in their daily lives. A website is, now, so much more than a simple digital brochure. It has become the front door to your business. It engages. It informs. It entertains. Your's doesn't? Don't panic. Layerbit Houston's Website design team can help you enhance your existing website or completely re-design your website to give you a fresh, new, improved image.

Your company website should be a marketing tool. Not just a marketing tool, but also a member of your sales force. Your website should engage your customers. Is your website a 24 hour 7 day a week sales machine? Does it generate leads and phone calls from prospective clients that are impressed with your digital presence? Are they already warm leads when they speak with your staff? If not, you are missing out, falling behind your competition and you need Layerbit Houston's Website Design team.

Website Design

Internet Marketing Strategy

We're not just great designers. We are also excellent strategists. Our strategy team analyzes your strengths and weaknesses, your competitors strengths and weaknesses and your target market. What are they like? What do they like? What do they want from you? And where in the world are they? We then create an internet marketing strategy to distinguish your company in the marketplace and expose your company to the greatest number of people in your target market and invite them to have a conversation with you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It doesn't matter how beautiful your website is if nobody knows how to find you. While not the only way to attract prospective customers, Search Engine Optimization, when done correctly, is a wonderful way to enhance your exposure on-line. Layerbit Houston can help you determine the best keyword(s) to compete in to attract the most and best prospective customers.

Website Design

Internet Marketing

At Layerbit Houston, we determine the best way to engage your On-line market. We have a great deal of experience with 360 degree marketing strategies. How does your Internet Marketing strategy fit in to your overall marketing strategy and Brand strategy? Is the most effective way to engage your market through Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per click campaigns, E-mail or Newsletter campaigns, Viral Marketing campaigns, mobile Web apps? Relax... We got this.


Layerbit Houston can help you monetize your presence on-line and turn your website in to a virtual "piggy bank". If you are considering foreign markets it can be a great way to test the market before setting up distribution centers. Whatever your needs, Layerbit Houston's Internet Marketing team can help.

Call us today at 281-940-8333 or submit the contact form and a Layerbit Houston account representative will be in touch with you soon.



Social Media Marketing

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