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Website Design and Development

Imagine you are about to meet a prospective client for the first time. Would you wear cut off shorts and flip flops or a suit? Unless you sell surfboards, you probably said suit or other business appropriate attire. A website is your company's first impression on the internet. What image do prospective clients have of you? Does your website look professionally designed, with the readers' best interest in mind or thrown together? Does it distinguish you from your competitors and give visitors a reason to stay or is it a waste of time?

In his book, A Whole New Mind, Daniel Pink describes design as “utility enhanced by significance”

Layerbit Houston's website design team is masterful at, both, functional and significant website design.

Website Design - Utility and Function

A website must, first, be useful. It must convey the necessary information in an easy to read and easy to access manner for your visitors. Anything less will frustrate them and they will go to your competitors. If your message resonates with them, it must be easy to get the products or services they need. Useful, functional.

Website Design and Development

Website Design - Significance

Today's market demands that your website be useful, just to be in the market. If you want to be around long you need to also be significant. You have about 3 seconds to prove you have something worthwhile or users are moving on. In terms of website design, this means that your website must transmit ideas or emotions that the words simply cannot convey. It must illicit feelings of trust, integrity, quality and uniqueness, and it has to do it fast. Don't get lost among the ordinary. Be Extraordinary. Be Significant.

Layerbit Houston's website design team has won many International awards for design. Our website design will enhance your image, improve performance and increase sales.

Search Engine Optimization

Layerbit Houston has certified specialists in Search Engine Optimization and we use a proven system for helping your website achieve high search rankings in your market to ensure greater visibility.

The Layerbit Website Design Difference


Layerbit Houston will work with you to determine your message and brand identity, the purpose, goals and objectives for your website and how it fits in to your online strategy and your overall marketing plan.


Layerbit Houston's design team creates the website structure and layout that enhances the user's experience. Special attention is given to the shapes, colors and images that have the greatest impact on your target market. A big problem in website design is designing for yourself. Remember, you want more customers, not more of yourself.


While the Design team works on the visual aspects of your website design, our copywright team is available to help you craft content that resonates and engages your target market. Our copywright team members are also Search Engine Optimization specialists and work to enhance your search engine ranking among those keywords best suited for your target market.


Once, your custom design renderings are finished, we review them with you before going to final website design and development. We are committed to your satisfaction.


Layerbit Houston's In-House website design and development team brings your company's custom website design to virtual life.

Website Design and Development

Website Redesign

If it has been over two years since your last website design, it could be time for a redesign. Technology advances so quickly and the internet is fueling and speeding this trend up. In order to stay competitive these days, you must stay current with the technology. The Internet has changed the way businesses reach out to consumers forever. Consumers have much more power and they want more meaningful engagement with the companies they do business with. A website redesign can demonstrate to your existing customers that you are up to date technologically and attract prospects that previously thought you were out dated.

Internet Search Ranking

So you have a professional website design. Great, but can anyone find you. Having a website is a great first step but search engine optimization can increase your website's traffic.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Layerbit Houston's website design team can take your wesite from ordinary to Extraordinary. Our video production team can create 3 D animations that bring your products to life or convert video footage of key personnel or past customer testimonials that enhance readers feelings of trust. Video engages visitors and they are four times more likely to stay on your website twice as long than a website without video.

Whatever your website design needs, Layerbit Houston is here to help. We want to help your businesses grow. We realize that our clients' growth means our growth.





Social Media Marketing

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