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Many companies treat their website as a mere online brochure. This is a grave mistake. In today's changing business landscape, your internet presence must be much more, or you will become irrelevant in the marketplace. A company's website has become a primary way that prospective customers research them. They want to see how professional the company looks, what services they offer and what they do that their competitors don't.


For many companies, however, their website has become much more than an information depot. It has become a profit center in existing markets or a means to test new markets, regionally, nationally or internationally. It is more cost effective to set up an E-commerce site than to set up a physical distribution center and sales force in a new market or foreign country. Additionally, it gives a company the opportunity to drive market demand before offering distribution rights, allowing that company to keep more profits.

Layerbit Houston has a track record of helping small and large companies set up E-commerce websites and help them achieve their goals, whether it be to sell more product locally or test International markets for product acceptance. Now you can also begin capitalizing on these E-commerce opportunities by partnering with Layerbit Houston's E-commerce specialists.

E-commerce that works

Our objective, at Layerbit Houston, is for your company to have a high impact E-commerce site that looks great, gets tons of traffic and prompts visitors to buy more stuff. After all, that's why we're here, to sell more products or services to more people.

Layerbit Houston's expert E-commerce team, first ensures that your website is optimized for increased traffic. Then they create a website that is meaningful, easy to use and reflects your corporate image. We then track and recommend adjustments to your strategy if needed.

What services are offered to our E-commerce clients:

  • Custom, professional website design
  • ASP.NET custom design, sql databases
  • PHP custom database application MySQL design
  • Shopping Carts
  • Merchant Accounts for Credit Card processing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay per Click Campaigns
  • Internet Marketing
  • Flash Animation
  • Web Store Maintenance
  • Complete Branding package including logo design
  • CSS Standards for E-commerce Excellence


The CSS compliance standards ensure that your store looks and works the way it should, regardless of the web browser your vistor is using. Our team can even create E-commerce stores for the mobile Web, ensuring that you capture customers from every market.

E-commerce and Internet Marketing

You have on online E-commerce site but nobody is shopping. Nobody is even visiting. Layerbit Houston can review your current E-commerce site and ensure that it is optimized for search engines. We can also study your market and craft a pay per click campaign or a social media campaign. Our experts have a multi-faceted tool box to work with.

E-commerce - the WOW Factor

Once someone does find your E-commerce site, it is important that you WOW them with eye catching design and content that speaks to them. Layerbit Houston's E-commerce team has a strict 40 point checklist to ensure that your E-commerce site is perfect from the architecture, the content, design, and accessibility. It's our interest that everyone of your online visitors has a memorable experience and returns again and again.

Start monetizing your web presence with an E-commerce strategy now. Fill out the contact form to the left or call us at 281.940.8333

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