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Flash Animation and Rich Interactive Media - Layerbit Houston

Layerbit Houston brings your ideas to life with Flash animation and Rich Interactive Media.

The Internet is largely a visual medium of communication but most websites are loaded with text and really don't engage users in meaningful or creative ways. Layerbit Houston can bring your ideas, vision and images to life with Flash animation. We can design, develop and deploy micro sites, interactive DVDs, Flash web pages, Flash presentations and multi media corporate presentations. Flash animation can transform an ordinary website or an ordinary presentation in to an extraordinary one.

Flash Animation

Other Rich Interactive Media tools

The Layerbit Houston Animation team is not limited to any single platform for rich interactive media. While Flash media player is reponsible for approximately 75% of the PC market video content, the hand held mobile Web market is still unclear about the preferred platform of choice. With Google, Apple, Microsoft and Adobe all fighting for dominance in the new medium, it is unclear which platform will prevail. While these companies battle it out, our team is knowledgable in all interactive media programs and can produce your work in the appropriate format for your market and application until consumers make a decision

Layerbit Houston uses Rich Multimedia and Animation in Adobe Flash for:

  • Logo Animation
  • Interactive Multimedia Presentations
  • Flash multimedia animated ads or website
  • Animated presentations on interactive dvd
  • Video production with special effects in Adobe Flash
  • Streaming media
  • Multimedia presentations for training
  • Multimedia computer training
  • Flash animated presentations
  • Interactive DVD Presentations Flash or animation to medicine
  • Multimedia Educational Software (CBT)
  • Multimedia Games Design and Art
  • Multimedia software training simulation

Flash Banner Ads:

Layerbit Houston's Flash Animation team can create animated GIFs and Flash banners, HTML e-mail templates, animated logos and navigation buttons. Our banners are developed to be fast efficient and optimized to load quickly in all browsers.


Flash is a wonderful format to produce mini movies for product promotion or to convey your corporate vision. You can display these mini movies on your website or at conventions using a plasma screens or other monitor.

Interactive DVD business cards:

So much more than your average business card. If you really want to impress someone, hand them your DVD business card. When they load the mini DVD in their player they will get to see an interactive Flash presentation that effectively and masterfully conveys your company's value proposition in a compelling and memorable way. If you have a very large, but inexperienced, sales force, such as in many MLM organizations this can be a great strategy that ensures your message is delivered accurately every time.

Flash Animation


Would you like to showcase a specific product? Flash Animation allows our team to create wonderful mini movies that can masterfully promote a single product. This can be an effective strategy if you wish to target a specific segment of your buying market.

Marketing and Sales Presentations:

Your customers will thank you if they never have to watch another boring PowerPoint presentation. Instead, liven up your presentations with Flash animation. Layerbit Houston can help you create memorable presentations that customers will talk about and appreciate.

Flash Games:

Want to create a great pastime for visitors of your website. Let us create addictive games that will captivate your visitors for hours and have everyone talking about your site.

Corporate Multimedia Presentations

Layerbit Houston's Multimedia specialists can create multimedia presentations that inform, impress and persuade your audience. Our rich media presentations can be used for investor meetings, internal corporate meetings, high-impact presentations and training communications.

Layerbit Houston's Flash Animation and rich media team can make your presentations memorable and impactful.

Contact us at 281.940.8333 or submitting the contact form to the left and a Layerbit Houston representative will be in touch with you shortly.

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