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Internet Marketing Strategy development with Layerbit Houston

Layerbit Houston is the ultimate resource for all your internet marketing strategy needs.

Layerbit Houston can Increase Visibility:

  • by optimizing your website for higher rankings on the search engines.
  • by getting your website indexed on the search engines and relevant directories.
  • by enhancing the quality of your website's ingoing and outgoing links.
  • by competing in keywords that make sense and launching pay per click campaigns in those keyword areas that your website is not organically optimized to compete in.

Internet Marketing

Layerbit Houston can Enhance Your Customer's Experience:

  • by designing an eye catching website, which increases the time they spend on your website and the likelihood that they will purchase from you.
  • by creating a website that is functional and useful so they can find the information they are looking for and use your website as a constant resource of information.
  • by providing on-going maintenance services to maintain and enhance performance of your website
  • by incorporating other media to create a memorable experience which they will want to come back to, again and again.

Layerbit Houston can Improve your Profitability

  • by increasing your mindshare on the internet.
  • by allowing you to gain more knowledge about your customers' wants and needs and improving your product line or services accordingly.
  • by creating content that, not only increases visibilty, but entices readers to take action.
  • by providing analysis of the data and adjusting where needed or where it can be more profitable.

Internet Marketing Strategy - Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Keyword(s) analysis: The first step in every marketing strategy is to understand your target customers, the market, and the competition. Once we have all this data, our team can create a Search Engine marketing strategy based on the keywords that will enhance the volume and quality of your traffic. This in depth analysis also allows us to determine the content and weight of keywords in the text of your website.

Internet Marketing Strategy - Premium Website Design

The heart of every internet marketing strategy is a website that is functional, beautiful and relevant. What good is more traffic if your website looks horrible? Our website design team ensure that your visitors have a much better experience on your website than on your competitors' websites. Layerbit Houston designs websites that internet users want to revisit often.

Internet Marketing Strategy - E-mail and Newsletter Marketing

Layerbit Houston's internet marketing strategy team can help you design e-mail and newsletter campaigns that drive more traffic to your business from your existing customers and the friends that they refer. Newsletter strategies are also a great way to learn more about you customers' wants and needs and improve your future marketing and production efforts.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Strategy - Social Media Marketing

Layerbit Houston's Internet Marketing Strategy team can help you deploy a useful and meaningful social media marketing campaign. The truth is, people like doing business with people they like, so you better start mingling with them. Your customers want to feel that you look at them as more than dollar signs. They want a relationship. They want to know you care about them. We can help you engage your customers in meaningful ways that are not time or resource consuming.

Internet Marketing Strategy - Public Relations

In the past, the Public Relations industry used more traditional media to spread their branding messages, but with the internet becoming more community centric, PR firms have had to re-assess their online efforts.

David Phillips said it best in his article titled Interactivity. He writes, "The context by which an organisation is known is only as good as its ability to use the Internet and to be part of the Internet culture. The web site is now the front window and front door for most organisations."

Layerbit Houston's Internet Marketing Strategy team is here to ensure that you become relevant, competitive and profitable on the Internet.

Get results with a strong Internet Marketing campaign now, before it's too late. Call Layerbit Houston at 281.940.8333 or complete the form.

Social Media Marketing

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