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According to The International Telecommunication Union, "Mobile subscribers will surpass 5 billion in 2010.

Gatner reported in March 2010 that, "By 2011, over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web."

"The number of people accessing the mobile Internet is growing fast and is expected to overtake the PC as the most popular way to get on the Web within five years." reports MobiThinking in May 2010

The mobile Web is one of the fastest growing trends of our time. What are you doing to stay ahead of the competition in this growing medium?

Mobile Web Design is the ability to comunicate within a mobile environment. In Marketing, you should always be aware of who your target market is and how they can best be engaged. Mobile Web users differ from their PC counterparts in their use of and objectives for their internet use. Mobile users have certain limitations that Mobile web developers must consider when designing mobile web. Web for the "traditional" internet can have a good deal of text, images, videos and links. Accessing a website like this through a mobile device, however, can be a slow and frustrating process.

Mobile Web Design

Layerbit Houston's Mobile Web Design Process

Mobile web users want information quickly and easily. Therefore, the first thing our mobile web team does is eliminates all non essential text, images and videos.

Mobile web design incorporates larger text and more spacing for buttons, so even snicker bar fingers can key them properly.

In order to make the experience seamless and to maintain your brand image, the user only needs to type in your standard web address. We redirect the query to the mobile web for ease of access and a more enjoyable experience. If they want to, they can navigate to the "traditional" web easily from the mobile web with the click of a button.

Some analysts believe that the mobile Web will become the primary way many users get on the Internet in the next few years. In order to remain competitive in today's business world, a mobile web is quickly becoming a necessity, not an option.

Layerbit Houston's in- house mobile web team works with the entire marketing team to ensure a 360 degree marketing experience for your company's customers.


Mobile Web Design

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