Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has dramatically impacted the way organizations approach their inegrated marketing plans. In effect, the marketing process has become more customer centric and less agency centric, meaning that the data and insight organizations are gaining about their customers is coming directly from their interactions with their customers, not from 3rd party research.

Social Media Marketing allows organizations to communicate with their customers in an honest and candid manner, allowing them to gain true insight in to what needs are being met and where they, as an organization, may need improvement. Smart organizations are also using this new medium to make projections about future production and even test market accepctance of new products before official launch. Social Media Marketing, though a recent component to any integrated marketing plan, has become an essential one. The fact is your customers do business with you because they like you. So find out why, and find out what they are like and where you can find more people just like them.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing with Layerbit Houston

The first step our social media marketing team takes is to determine what perceptions your customers have about you, what more do they want to know and whats the best forum to get connected with them. What aspects of your products, services, or company do they like better than any of your competitors?

Once we have some basics we need to determine where your audience congregates and how they speak with one another. What's the appropriate tone and which are the appropriate topics of discussion? In short, your social media marketing plan needs to include your customer profile. When we've established the audience and their interests, we can share news and events that interest them most.

Your Social Media Marketing Sources

Your social media marketing campaign will be largely about reporting information that your customers want to know about. Layerbit Houston can help identify your sources for cutting edge, up to date information. Your part, will be to provide analysis on the information for your customers. You'll need to let them know why the information is important to them.

Social Media Marketing - Content Fulfilment and Delivery

Now you know what to say, how to say it, and where to say it but what about who? Who is going to do all the saying? When? And how often? Who has the time? Before you determine how often you will communicate with your customers, you should figure what is reasonable for your organization. Some companies have entire staffs devoted to nothing but social media, a testament to the tremendous value it can provide to your organization. However, there is a better way.

Layerbit Houston can help dramatically reduce the time you spend on your social media marketing by developing software components to allow you to deliver your posts to multiple sites at once. Our social media marketing team customizes administrative components for your organization to make your campaign more productive and profitable.

Gaining Insight through Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a wonderful way to form lasting bonds with your customers and gain even more mindshare with them but there are other organizational benefits not yet mentioned. For one, your customers are less gaurded and far more candid on social media outlets. You can gain true insight in to how they feel about your company, good or bad. If it's bad, then you can do something about it. Most organizations never even know why they lost a customer. Another benefit is the ability to test new product concepts or new markets cost effectively. It's much better to test a product's market acceptance before a full-fledged launch. The same holds true for new markets. Social Media Marketing can allow you to engage the customers that like you best and get honest feedback to help in your decision making process.

Layerbit Houston's Social Media Marketing team is here to help you every step of the way from planning to delivery. So get started today.


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